Breaking the silence

by Anica 7. December 2013 11:51

I started my blog shortly before  I was enrolled and overwhelmed by the Web Design Course I was doing through Get Smarter.

I am officially HTML capable. Over the course of ten weeks I learned the basic principles of Web Design and building the website with HTML and CSS.

We were required to build a website and I decided on a personal portfolio website.

The main purpose will be:

  • to display my talents as a writer and ideas person
  • host my blog
  • present my talent as an illustrator.

Working through the modules we were required to design our website on Photoshop.


Here is the colour palette I decided on:


And here are some screenshots of my final website that I handed in.




It could still use some work, and because this was just an exercise I did not upload all my portfolio elements.

Unfortunately this was uploaded to the UCT server, so you cannot view and navigate the site directly.


Now that HTML capable, I bought an awesome template from Wrap Bootstrap. To ensure that I do not disappear again, I will upload and keep you guys updated on my progress. 


Interested in advancing your career? Check out the Get Smarter Portfolio here. They have an amazing range of courses. (I will definitely be looking to do the Graphic Design Course or the SEO course next)


Okay, bye!


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