I am happy now because .... > Day 2 to 4

by Anica 9. January 2014 22:08

Catching up on my 100 Happy Days posts!


Day 2 :A South African Engagement Celebration

One of our friends got engaged recently, and their parents invited us to a celebratory snoek braai. (Side Note: And the snoek was amazing *wipes the drool from her chin*) And I took this bottle with.

Every year we go to the Wacky Wine Weekend in the Robertson Valley. You get the chance to taste a variety of different wines, and of all the wines, this is my favourite> Bon Courage Gewurztraminer Late Harvest. I only share with people I really like!

I only noticed that the photo is blurry now that I downloaded it :/


Day 3: Teddy


My Hubbie gave me this bear a few weeks after we started dating. Back then, he was the softest cuddliest bear I ever had. He is a little worn and his scarf got lost, but he still watches over me when Hubbie  works late. He is just called teddy, but is nicknamed Grumpy Bear. He did not even smile for his photoshoot!

He was on the bed when I got home after a long day on Wednesday, and I sleepily cuddled with him and Hubbie while watching House of Cards.


Day 4: Lunch!

I LOVE watermelon. I treated myself today with a very very large tub and I devoured all of it!


Okay, bye now!


I am happy now because .... > 100 Happy Days

by Anica 6. January 2014 21:30

Just before I left work I stumbled on 100 Happy Days.

The challenge is to take one photo of what makes you happy every day for 100 days. According to the website only 29% of people complete the challenge and usually the reason is due to the lack of time. The question is what makes you happy. Why are we always saying "I will be happy if..." This challenge forces us to say "I am happy now because..."

I have no question that this will make one appreciate the small things everyday.

So, here is my photo for the very first challenge. Taken on my cellphone, because my camera is still in the car and I am too lazy to fetch it in the rain.

Today we installed laminate flooring in our house as part of our renovation exercise. So this is what made me happy today. When I got home the cats were chasing tails around the stacked furniture.


Enter the challenge here!

What makes you happy? Let me know in the comments!


Okay, bye now!

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